Frequently Asked Questions - General Questions

FAQs - General Questions

NO. We do not charge for most common type of events. Usually the Setup only takes about an hour or less. Sometime, there may be a charge for really BIG events where it may take many hours to setup all the extra lights and equipment. But 99% of the shows will NOT have a Setup Fee.

For most events like weddings and holiday parties, the setup is only one (1) hour or less. This would be for a group of up to 300 people. For very large events where more equipment (lighting, speaker and cables) is required, more time is required.

A shirt, tie, and slacks are standard for all events. Sometimes, at the client’s request, special "theme costumes" are appropriate. Other times, the attire is more casual to fit the type of event. Ask your DJ if you require special attire.

You can select all the music for the DJ to play if you wish. However, your DJ is VERY experienced and knowledgeable is many different areas of music. He has learned what people generally like to dance to and which songs they will enjoy. His expertise in this area can be very helpful. But the ultimate choice is up to the client.

YES. Overtime is always available. It is offered in One (1) hour increments and can be arranged near the scheduled near the end of the original contracted time. Overtime is equal to the same rate as contracted rate.

YES. In fact, it is the policy of ours for each client to meet their DJ before any contact is signed. After that, you will only be talking with him for all the event planning. This way, he will develop a strong connection with the client and this will help him understand everything you want done.

As with all event planning, the sooner the better. Most popular dates book early and in some cases, this can be up to one year in advance. Book early to get what you want. Waiting till the last minute may be disappointing.

YES. For distances over 35 miles from Phoenix. Travel beyond those points are charged at the rate of $50 per 100 miles. Depending on the time and location of your event, it may even require an overnight stay.

ABSOLUTELY. As long as the guest’s selection is within the music type the client specified and the DJ has that selection with at the event, it will get played. Our DJs generally carry thousands of titles to each event. This covers 99% of all the songs requested. By using the supplied music surveys, you will be assured that the DJ will have those selections on hand.

Your event is just as important to us as it is to you. Arizona’s DJs personnel have NEVER MISSED A SHOW in the 30+ years we've been in business. But just in case... we keep equally talented and experienced DJs in "standby mode" for emergencies or last minute shows.

No Problem. Even the best equipment can fail. To insure a continuation of the show, we carry "back-up equipment" to all our events. It will only take a few seconds to switch to the "back-up system" so you will only notice a small glitch in the action.

All events require a signed contract from the client along with a deposit, which can be paid in person or online. This will ensure your requested event date will be reserved. NO EVENT CAN BE RESERVED WITHOUT A CONTRACT. A contract can be mailed or signed in person.

Yes. We have a special system for outdoor and/or remote locations. This portable system has all the necessary components to perform at any ceremony. It is battery powered and will operate up to 5 hours before recharging. It includes a wireless microphone. It can be setup in 5 minutes and is perfect for those special outdoor events.

Cancellations are handled in two ways. If the events is canceled you will forfeit your deposit. If circumstances arise that require you to postpone your event, we will honor your contract with the new date. Your DJ may change if he is not available for the rescheduled date.

The balance of payment is due fourteen (14) prior to the event.

Yes. We accept both MasterCard and Visa. Of course we also accept personal checks, money orders, and cash.

Generally, the answer is no. The reason being, we wouldn’t invite clients to crash your party and we respect the privacy of all our clients. We know that every event is special and has taken countless hours of planning striving for perfection. We don’t want to interrupt the flow. We also have videos and testimonials available for you to review on our website.

No. You are not required to give the DJ a meal. However, if one is offered, the DJ may partake if time is available and it will not interfere with his duties. The DJ will not drink alcoholic beverages or smoke during the show. We do not believe this is proper for the DJ.

No. The DJ has no scheduled breaks during the show. There may be short periods where there is another activity and the DJ will not be required to play music. Sometimes there may be other entertainment or the client may schedule a pause in the music. In that case the DJ will remain at his station awaiting the music start time.

Our DJ's use computers so our media is digital based. We do not play CDs, records, mini discs, or tapes. If there is something special that you need us to play, the format you’ll need to provide your music in is mp3.

Give us a call at 480-252-5256. We look forward to meeting you.