Hello. I've been in the Valley for 16 years. I decided to move here from New York when I visited a friend back in 1999. I was intrigued with the valley and took a chance at living in a new city which was growing rapidly. I love how open the landscape is and I can enjoy the outdoors pretty much all year round.

I love working as a DJ because I absolutely love all types of music. As a Latino though music is truly in my veins and I love how it moves people.

Outside of my love of DJ, my favorites things include playing with my kids, playing tennis and working on my car and the house.

Since I play music for a living, my all time favorite artist is Marc Anthony. Aside from being from my hometown of NY he is extremely talented and Latin icon to many other artists.

My favorite way to spend my free time is to watch movies with my family and travel with them when I can.