Hi I’m DJ Gustavo and I’ve been in the beautiful Valley Of The Sun for over thirty years (don’t ask me how much over). I moved here from Mexico City (100% Chilango) when I was only 16 years old (I had no choice).

What I love about living in the valley is the weather and the diversity of people.

I grew up listening to a lot of music from classical to top 40 and everything in between. At the age of 15 or 16 I discovered the power of music and the impact it makes to ones feelings, Music can make you happy or sad, It can make you dance and jump. Music can make you remember and bring back old memories in an instance. I enjoy using the power of music to make people happy and that is the main reason why I love working as a DJ.

When I’m not playing at an event, I love spending quality time with my family and love listening to all kinds of music. I’m looking forward to meet you at your special event.