I’ve been in the Valley for 18 years

I moved here from Northern California (Bay Area) to get away from the fast paced lifestyle of the city. Not to mention that lovely San Francisco traffic!! :P

What I love about living in the Valley is THE HEAT! Lol just kidding, after 18 summers, I can still say, “you never get used to the heat, you just deal with it” I love the mountains, the desert landscape is just amazing…

I love working as a dj simply because, as a child, my father was a DJ. So growing up around the business, I had a blast, it was always a party, especially in my crazy family! I very clearly remember being about 6 years old, my dad would set up the music at home to practice mixing, and id hangout and listen to him tear it up until I would fall asleep right in front of his old school 5 ft tall peavey speakers. :)

Outside of my love of dj, my favorite things to do include, hiking, exploring all the mountains in The Valley, binge watching Netflix, along with wasting plenty of time on Youtube and my Playstation!! Being around my family, spending time with my beautiful daughter Nayeli, and of course BACON!!

Since I play music for a living, my all time favorite artist is….Wow…this is a tough question…as DJs we are not up there playing music for ourselves to hear, the song selection is for you and your guests, so whether we like it or not, we have to listen to it. That being said, I like all kinds of music, ranging from the 50’s Rock N’ Roll all the way up to todays hip hop, top 40, and EDM and everything in between, including Spanish music. If I had to decide on one artist, I’d say Johnny Cash!

My favorite way to spend my free time is to…Haha, I remember when I used to have free time…now I work fulltime, and have a 1 year old daughter who enjoys tearing up my house while im at work!! With such a busy schedule I don’t have too much downtime…currently im living for those hour naps that the baby takes so I can take a breather! Lol as I am typing this she is dead asleep next to me. I’ts very that I have free time, but currently I’m obsessed with The Walking Dead, so that’s usually what id be up to. Well that and more bacon.